The Note May 1990

BB King, Patrick Quinn, David Cantwell, Sarah Vaughn, Britny Fox, DJ Ray, Nocturnal transmissions, Mark Creamer, Omega Fest, Dreemwich,, Hunter Thompson, Ray Velasquez, Dick Wright, Paul Stephen Lim, Art Glover, Muddy Waters, Mike Roberts, Randy Erwin, Ranger Bob Wilson, Trip Shakespeare, Steve Ozark, Bottleneck, Coyote Club, Bonedaddys, Lock Up, Dennis Quaid, Jazzhaus, Grand Emporium, Chris Fritz, Jim Kilroy, Filter Kings, After Dark, Green Card, Roach Factory, Kill Whitey, Janet Jackson, Stan henry, Todd Johnson, Phil Thompson, Robert Plant, The Nace Brothers, Maggie Stenz, Don Schmidt, Mike Roberts, Atrophy, Max Worthington, Christine Musgrave, Plum Tree, Mirabito's, Pizzaz, Bob Billings, Wakarusa, Sara Bellamy

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