The Note February 1991

Inside this issue: Oleta Adams, Randy Crump, Shib, Banzai, Kitty, Kim Czarnopys, The Shadow, Hunter Thompson, Frank Lingo, Danny Alexander, Nelson, Max Worthington III, Shooting Star, V & R Records, Dick Wright, Baxter's, Todd Strait, Mike Ning, Bill Caldwell, Queen Bey, Mary McMann, Ruth Roden, KC Blues Society, Poison, Rip Magazine, Topeka, Dj Ray Velasquez, Billboard Magazine, Steve Ozark, Matt Guitar Murphy, Mary's Danish, Lynch Mob, Richard Thompson, TG Sheppard, Bottleneck, Getaway, Coyote, Grand Emporium, Jazzhaus, Sting, Patrick Quinn, Ranger Bob, Jamie Charlton, Anthrax, Chuck Cannon, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Anne McCurdy, The Black Crowes, Unheard Of, Wichita Alternative Music Coaltion, Van Gogh Souls, Marauders, Sterling Gray, Ken Haug, Dude Stewart, Terrax, Sluggos, Mumbles, Red Lizard, Kirby's Beer Store, Knock Out 91, Synifus, Billy the Kid, Novellas, Psi-Decay, Laughing Jack, Mongo Beach Party, The Industry, Skeeters, The Kents, Klyde Konnor, Channel Zero, Lee Eldridge, Charlie Parker Foundation, Andrew Hartsock, Mike Finnigan, Pedal Jets, Kill Whitey, Francis Kelly, Danny Alexander, Little Hatch, Timothy Leary and G Gordon Liddy Debate, Patrick Quinn, David Cantwell, Robyn Beyer, Sweet Grass, Red Zone, Love Squad, Joe Salem, Knockout 91, Tom Mardikes, Mad Hatter, Benchwarmers.

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