The Note July 30, 1985

In this Issue Chris Locke, Mike McEnulty, Rated X and John McBride     

      This is the earliet issue of The Note that I have. I started The Note the first week of July in 1985 this is the third issue published. At first we published every two weeks but after a couple months of that, it seemed publishing once a month would suffice.

      I had no experience in publishing or journalism and was trying to find my ass with either hand. At this time in history, newspapers used typesetters then laid out the pages by hand.

     The band Ambush had contacted me after the first issue of The Note came out and asked if I'd interview them. I remember going to the home of Ambush to interview Buster Hyman with my friend Mike McEnulty. Mike had a journalism degree. Since I was still learning how to design a paper I had no idea how to publish a photograph. Ambush was a very hard rock band out of Wichita who probably thought more highly of themselves than the audiences did.

      My favorite part of having this issue is the McBride File. Anyone who knew John McBride in those days, knew that tying him down to actually write a column wasn't going to happen. So McBride would dictate bits over the phone, I'd write them down, my roommate Brent Kessler and I would embellish and then wait for the fireworks.

      It might have been after this column or another one in the future, but McBride called me after the Note hit the streets. Seems a lot of people ribbed him hard and he decided he didn't want to do the McBride file anymore.

























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