The Note September 1988

In this issue: Shelle Rosenfeld, Patrick Quinn, Melissa Etheridge, Brad McGinnis, Jim Kilroy, Brent Kessler, Joel Hornbostel, Mike Nichols, Ray Velasquez, Annie Robertson, Danny Alexander, William Lewis, Lee Eldridge, Mackender - Hunt, Lee McBee, Randon Aztech, Public Enemy, NWA, Joy Division, Uncle Festive, Legs Akimbo, The Kid, Rick James, Little Charlie and The Nightcats, Walnut Valley Festival, KC Jazz festival, Branford Marsalis, James Cotton, Mark Shelton, Sting, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Cliff, Bone Daddies, White Snake, the Rainmakers, Opus Band Competition, Ultravioltes, Andrew Tosh, Stray Cats, Santana, The Who, The Traveling Wilburys, Parlor Frogs, Backsliders, Kevin Brown of the Guitar Stand, Jack Black of Woodland West Studios.