The Note - May 1992

In this issue: Martina McBride, Connie White, John Collison, Fowler Brothers, Omaha for Decency, Steve Exon, Alpha Music Production, College Music Journal (CMJ), Lawrence Alternative Music Coalition, Scott Heiple, Groovehead, Sandstone Bankruptcy, River Valley Music Festival, Col. Bruce Hampton, SDI, Bighead Todd and the Monsters, Samples, Ranger Bob Wilson, Big Audio Dynamite, PiL, LIVE, Blind Mellon, Memorial Hall, Murphey's Law, Beernuts, The Urge, The Outhouse, George Strait, Ice-T and Body Count, Steve King, Cracker, Seaweed, The Bottleneck, Coyote Club, Jazzhaus, Grand Emporium, The Rollins Band, Bill Volmut, The Hanover Band, Jamie Charltan, Ray Price, Dave Wendler, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed, Peter Case, Toby Stoner, Dead Orchestra, Mick WIllis, Peter Murphy, Edward May, Sammin Gladys, Kim Czarnopys, Jim Mair, Michael Renner, Trade Mark, Phillip Wells, The Millhouse Nixons, Bill Volmut, 4U2NV, Edward May, Steve Wagner, Cleaning Up Westport, Jimmy Johnson, Shirley Mae Owens, Pig Dog Records, Another Fine Product, The Love Squad, Now See Hear, Nic Cosmos, Slack Jaw, The Ides of March, Tremendous Vegetables, Steve Ozark, The Catherines, Which Doctors, The Cellar Dwellars, Mother Ruby;s Laura Gramley's, Kill Creek, Zoom, Joe Worker, Second Chances, Slack Jaw, 2 Car Family, Hay Seeds, Spears, Gustos, Tellers, Hickenbury, Big Daddy's, The Vees, BeBop,