In this issue: Patrick Quinn, Dave Kratzer, Edward May, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, Drew Miller, Boiled in Lead, Dave Mustaine, Megadeth, Stick, Scott Heiple, Salty Iguanas, Patrick Quinn, Fang O' Love, Nathan Berg, Matthew Hoover, Jason Slote, Paul Matthews, Groovehead, Michael Coon, Which Doctors(?), Mary Walker, Ben Seibel, Andy Nelson, Matthew Hoover, The Mahoots, Patrick Quinn, Broken Inglish, Billy Pilgrim, Craig Anderson, Lee Eldridge, Mike Roberts, Nic Cosmos, Nick Carroll, That Statue Moved, Michael Coons, State of Mind, Grand Barret, Chubby Smith and his Orchestra, Jacki Becker, Starkweathers, Zoom, Jacki Becker, Mark Zoom, Baghdad Jones, Buffy Barton, Ditchwitch, Brian Coughlin, Auto Da Fe, Lisa Groshong, Cher, Jacki Becker, Mike McCoy, Proza Memory, Lisa Groshong, Phsychowelders, Scott Heiple, The Industry, Sara Bellamy, Tim Brown, River Valley Music Festival